Small release for Zen Island

Hey people!
These past weeks we have been experimenting with a bunch of stuff, trying out different methods on how to make the game special. We have a lot planned, but we really wanted your feedback on how you think we are progressing. That is why we decided on releasing a small build, with some new design elements to things such as the UI (User Interface), and some new objects added to the scene.

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If you are new to this blog, scroll through our previous posts to get an understanding of what thisĀ application is about! If you dont feel like reading all that, Check out this TL;DR!
Quickly about the game:

Zen Island is a sandbox game all about relaxation and creativity, create your very own Zen inspired garden by placing objects in any way you wish.
Thanks for reading, make sure to submit your e-mail in the survey if you wish to playtest on your mobile device! (Android only!)

The weeks after our Alpha release

Hello people!
The week we released our alpha build was quite a busy week. We got a great deal of feedback, and have been working very hard towards a better product, with the help of all of you!

The reason we did not post last week was simply because we did not get much done. We discussed alot, re-designed a bunch of stuff (including the UI!) and just decided on the path suited for us to take. We still have a lot to implement, we heard all of you and we appreciated all the feedback you gave, we are still working towards creating more objects, more animations, more ingame interaction for the player. More is coming so make sure you stay tuned!

We will be releasing a new version tomorrow, with a new UI, some new objects for you to mess around with. We will be sending out to all of you who signed up for the alpha. Do you want to playtest, contact us on facebook or on:

A new post is coming tomorrow with more information, and a link to the next version build we will be releasing! Stay tuned!

Much love

/The dev team