Art Progress

Hello dear readers!

My name is Morgan and I am responsible for the creation of art assets for the game. I will be modeling and texturing the assets for the game. Hit me up if you want to discuss anything, Zen Island-related!

Now our development have started for real, we are internally play testing the controls and soon a prototype will be available for testing!


Also, the pipeline for creating art assets have been established and now we have a strong pipeline where we can generate a lot of assets really quickly.


The art-style of Zen Island is a mix between hand-painted and the famous low-poly style, the reason for this is because it enables us to be more creative since each assets take less time to make.

If you have any ideas for example for what kind of special tree, bush or flower you really would like to see in this game feel free to contact us!

Is there anything we have missed, or do you think this shouldn’t be in the game for any reason, please hit us up on facebook, post here in the comments or mail us at:

Have a great weekend!


Lead Art

2 thoughts on “Art Progress

  1. Looks lovely. is it going to be possible to change the topography of the surface? and add water and weathering effects?

    keep up the great work and thank you!


  2. Hello and thank you for giving your input, we appreciate it a lot!

    We have discussed a lot about being able to sculpt the plot as we have taken to call it and we are optimistic about being able to pull it off!

    Creating ponds and puddles is definitively on our to-do list!

    We have planned a day and night cycle, along with different weather conditions. What remains to be seen is how we intend to have the various objects change according to the conditions (for example rocks dynamically becoming wet or covered with snow)



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